Is it possible to redirect WebBrowser.openAuthSessionAsync to another website

I am authenticating my users with WebBrowser.openAuthSessionAsync and Auth0 but the redirectUrl does not redirect to the https:// location I send it. I read the docs and it sounds like only deep links in the app are allowed.

redirectUrl (string) – Optional: the url to deep link back into your app. By default, this will be Expo.Constants.linkingUrl

ex: I call WebBrowser.openAuthSessionAsync(<theAuthUrl>, '') and it always redirects back to my application.

Is this to be expected?

Hi there,

Can you describe the use case you want to achieve? The purpose of openAuthSessionAsync is to provide an authentication session back to your app. So by design it will ultimately redirect some information back to your app’s code.

If you just want to open a website inside an embedded browser, you can use openBrowserAsync.

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