Can't redirect to my app Expo WebBrowser


I’m using Expo.WebBrowser to authenticate users via Linkedin auth, everything is working fine when opening the app using Expo client, but I can’t redirect back from Webview to my app when using the my app version downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Here’s the called link at the end of auth: which means that Constants.linkingUri = for that app.

My app is not detached. And this problem occurs in iOS (through Testflight) and Android store.
Android version:
Expo SDK: 21.0.0

When digging into Android logs, I see this error: " chromium: Scripts may close only the windows that were opened by it."
Could anyone help?

Thanks :slight_smile:

:raised_hands: Could anyone help me with this very urgent issue ? I can’t submit my app for review before fixing this issue :raised_hands:

@ccheever @adamjnav @bacon Could you please help me on this one?

@botmane sorry this has slipped radars. Have you taken a look at how Auth URI stuff works for things like Facebook? AuthSession - Expo Documentation

Thank you very much @bacon!

I managed to solve the issue by adding “scheme” parameter in my app.json

I was confusing “standalone apps” with “detached app” in the documentation (I thought that the section “only applicable to standalone apps” means that we had to detach the app in order to use those keys) :sweat_smile:

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