View full logs from EAS build

Is there a way to see the full logs for builds submitted via EAS Submit Build? I’d like to view all warning messages (that I may have outputted in a Config Plugin).

config plugins don’t get run on eas submit, all it does is take your app binary and upload it

you can view any logs we have on the submissions details pages -[account]/projects/[project]/submissions

Oops sorry, I meant submitted via EAS Build. It seems like in each of the steps “Prebuild”, “gradlew”, the logs are tailed and I can’t see everything before.

what are you expecting to see before the prebuild phase that isn’t there? i believe we include all logs but just group them according to the phase. for ios we show filtered logs but you can download the full xcode logs on the bottom of the page

In prebuild I had a couple of long-ish WarningAggregator.addWarningAndroid(...) log statements (for debugging) but they seem to be truncated since Prebuild only tails like the most recent 20-30 lines of logs.

I figured a “workaround” (which is to build locally) to see the full log statements, but I thought it’d be useful in general to be able to see the full logs from the build process on the remote builds.

eas build workers don’t use the latest expo-cli by default yet, so they don’t have this pr: [config-plugins] Improved warnings system in config plugins by EvanBacon · Pull Request #3795 · expo/expo-cli · GitHub

you can update the expo cli version manually in your build profile config to 4.12.0 and that should resolve your issue

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Alright I’ll try this, thanks!

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