EAS build error - how to investigate log further?

I get the following error when running using eas cli to build. If i use expo build, it works, and it works in expo dev environment.

My main question: How do I investigate the log further. In the error message it says there is a complete log at /home/expo… Where can I see this log? Thank you

- Creating native project directories (./ios and ./android) and updating .gitignore
✔ Created native project | gitignore skipped
- Adding Metro bundler config
› Metro skipped: Project metro.config.js does not match prebuild template.
› Ensure the project uses @expo/metro-config.
  Learn more: https://docs.expo.dev/guides/customizing-metro
- Updating your package.json scripts, dependencies, and main file
✔ Updated package.json and added index.js entry point for iOS and Android
- Config syncing
[stderr] Using node to generate images. This is much slower than using native packages.
[stderr] › Optionally you can stop the process and try again after successfully running `npm install -g sharp-cli`.
- Config syncing
✔ Config synced
Running "npm install" in the root dir of your repository 
[stderr] npm ERR! Cannot read properties of null (reading 'children')
[stderr] npm
[stderr] ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
[stderr] npm ERR!
[stderr] /home/expo/.npm/_logs/2022-11-30T21_49_04_745Z-debug-0.log
npm exited with non-zero code: 1

[stderr] npm WARN old lockfile The package-lock.json file was created with an old version of npm,
[stderr] npm WARN old lockfile so supplemental metadata must be fetched from the registry.

EAS build is using npm 8, but it seems you are using older one locally that is not fully compatible. Update npm locally and regenerate the locfile.

Where can I see this log?

You can specify what additional files need to be uploaded via Build schema for eas.json - Expo Documentation