How can I access to failed build logs?

Hi here,

The iOS build of our app keeps failing and we wonder where we can access to the corresponding logs? The build page doesn’t show any logs, whereas they are correctly shown for our Android build (which works well). We tried to add the environment variable EXPO_DEBUG=true in our build:ios command, but without success.

The app seems to work properly on both iOS and Android, at least when we launch it on a real phone with Expo Go.

Sorry for the inconvenience if this question has been answered somewhere, we didn’t find it despite our searchs.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey @connectneo1, is there anything preventing you from using EAS to build your app? If not, I would strongly recommend switching over as it is a much more improved service. (There’s a free plan available)


Hello Adam,

Thanks for your reply. I don’t get too much the difference between these two methods yet, but as we are using a private npm repository to manage our dependencies, it may be complicated to make it reachable from outside.