Unlocked Android Phone for Testing


I’ve developed an app and launched it on the iOS store, but I have been having enormous trouble using the Android emulator on my 6-year-old MacBook Air. I’ve been thinking about buying a used, unlocked Nexus phone, downloading the Expo app on there, and running tests for my app that way.

Does anyone have experience with unlocked phones like this? Do they even work like that?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @eerickson, can you elaborate on what you mean by “unlocked”? You shouldn’t have any issues downloading the Expo client to the Nexus device from the playstore but on the off-chance you did you could also download the client apk and directly install it onto the device. Also, if you elaborate on what issues you are having with running the emulator we might be able to assist you!



I was thinking I would be a renewed phone on Amazon, such as this or this, but I can’t afford a data plan so the phone would have to work just on wifi.

It would be nice to not have to buy a phone at all, though! My app works perfectly on iOS, but the Expo SDK takes forever to load in my simulator and the whole Expo app eventually gives up and crashes when I try to fetch an image from Google Firebase.

Thanks for the help!