UI testing + Detox


Just wondering if anyone has managed to get this working in Linux for android? Expo is great / made app development sane for me :slight_smile: and the only missing puzzle peice I have is end to end / automated UI testing.

Detox looked like it may fit, but expo support and android support is seemingly a WIP. I see they have done some work recently to make expo work on mac os with ios which is great.

Trying to get their understanding of if its possible, but also interested if any one from this side has got end to end tests working in ios/android + mac/linux with detox or anything else really.

Expo related question… anyone know which git repo produces the Exponent.apk artifact?


hi @mmmguitar, getting detox working on android for expo is something ill be working on soon. This can be achieved by going through the Detox Android setup guide, and building both appAPK and testAPK for the Expo app – this is the general idea, though there might be some gotchas. The repo to build the Exponent.apk artifact is https://github.com/expo/expo and the apk’s are available for downloading here https://expo.io/tools#client


Ah awesome thanks! Will keep my eye out + happy to give anything a test.

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