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I am trying to get the Expo development environment going. I was having trouble with the emulator so someone recommended connecting my android phone through a USB cable. I did this and enabled development on the phone. Still I am not getting connection. I don’t understand what these choices are below and I looked in the docs but couldn’t find them.
Production Mode

On Connection the choices are Tunnel, LAN, and local. I am connected via a USB cable. Does that make me local? Or is local the on PC emulator? I am certainly not LAN. Tunnel? Is that like tunneling through a fire wall?

When I click on AndroidDevice/Simulator I get “Couldn’t start project on Android” in dark red (not very visible on my tiny 13 inch screen). In the corner “error opening simulator. see metro logs”.

Under On Your Device in the installation instructions it says Download Android from the Play Store. It then says “You don’t need to manually install the Expo client on your emulator/simulator because CLI will do that automatically. See the next sections of this guide”. I must say I (and maybe whoever wrote this?) are confused between my “device” and an Android Emulator running on the PC. There is the Android Studio Emulator Guide that I think talks about the emulator running on the PC, and not about the “on your device” which I am assuming is an android phone either running on the same LAN or “attached” via a USB cable.

What am I missing here? Sorry for the tone. I am getting frustrated.

Is your laptop and phone connected to the same wifi? If yes you can use the LAN option. If not you can use Tunnel but this will be slower. Just scan the QR code displayed on your browser using Expo client app. You don’t need to connect to your PC btw.

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That worked great. thx. As I alluded to, I stay in hotels a bunch for work and they usually have this funky procedure to login in to the internet. Can I assume that as long as I am on a LAN, I don’t need internet connectivity? That is why i thought that USB would work better but tunnel is doing it for now. Thx.

PS LAN worked also and much faster! What is Local for?

Sorry I’m not too sure about local. My guess is that it is the PC local network that you need to connect manually.


BTW @richb201 if you don’t want to connect to your hotel network, you can try open your smartphone hotspot and let your laptop connect to your smartphone wifi. Then I think you can use LAN. I never tried this before so if you can do let me know :smiley:

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