Do i need an emulator if expo will work on my phone

hey. am new to expo and react native. i install expo on command prompt. the issue is that android or ios emulators are not working. i was wondering if the expo on my phone could work as an emulator too.

Hi wokeupsober.

An emulator makes it easy for us to develop for platforms which we don’t have access to normally, for example, on my iMac5K, sometimes I will want to check how well the latest Samsung Galaxy device renders the app, or maybe the iPad Pro.

That being said, the answer to. your question is Yes, your phone can work, not as an emulator, but as a physical device, as where emulator is referring to a virtual device. You’ll get better performance using your phone, not to mention the frustration that “swipe to unlock” causes when you suddenly are forced to use only a mouse.

Cheers and good coding!

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