Understanding Key and release process expo/android

Hi everyone,

I finally reached the point where the app is ready for publishing, hourra ! I wanna make sure I understand the key signing process properly so that I don’t get stuck later with an app I can not update. Please be so kind to ocnfirm I understood properly:

What I did so far:

  • Published my app to expo
  • Build the apk with expo build:android
  • There I asked expo to manage the key
  • Created an app in the android developper console
  • manage production and added my first release with the apk created above
  • There I asked Google to protected and manage my app signing key

Everything seems to be working but between the expo key and the google key I am a bit confused, what is what and when to use them ?

Regarding updates :

As far as my understanding goes if I just modify the javascript I won’t have to build another apk for update but it is gonna be OTA when I republish my app on expo, however what if one day I need to update the apk ?.

My understanding is that I’ll have to

  • manage a new release
  • do expo build:android
  • post the new apk

However I read quite a lot of stories when the Key aren’t the proper one anymore and people are blocked without been enable to update. Actually I first tried to upload a new apk on a first set up and I got an error, but I know I generated my apk from o different project folder so the key generated by expo were not the same. I guess that was the error

So I have some questions and would be very happy if someone could clarify my thoughts:

  • Is what I described above right ?
  • If I need to create the apk from a second computer, how can I ensure my keys are right ? Or am I stuck generating the build from the same computer ?

Thanks in advance.

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