Google Play App Signing

Hello, when submitting the exp build:android generated .APK file to Google Play Store, do we need to select CONTINUE Google Play App Signing or do we need to select OPT-OUT?

see screenshot:



Hi @pluss thanks for using Expo!

This is entirely up to you, whether or not you want to reuse an existing key or the one you generated

Please read these docs for more information.


I can’t quite connect the dots here: Does clicking “continue” mean we need to use our own keystore instead of using the one managed by expo?


If I choose " 1) Let Expo handle the process!" Should I opt-out from the Google play key Signing ?


When I encountered this screen I chose Continue and Google accepted my app.

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So just to confirm, if you use “exp build:android” and use an Expo-generated/Expo-managed keystore, you should select “CONTINUE” in the screenshot posted in the original post of this thread?

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Can Anyone confirm this… whether to opt out or opt in… and if Its upto me then can someone tell me if i opt in then do i have to change the SHA in firebase as well as I am using google and Facebook login in the app.

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