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I’ve just built an app using the expo android:build and the changes from this app have appeared instantly in our released app on the play store. Is that how it works? I thought you had to manually upload the new apk to the play store?

@mjameson2018 It is supposed to be like this. Actually it is very helpful and makes life a lot easier.
If you want to build another standalone app for testing or any other purpose , check out this guide

But isnt the whole point of the release process on android to upload an apk to the google play store, they then verify its good to go and then its released? Im sure thats what we’ve done in the past to get apps out

To add to this, when I ran ‘expo build:android’ it changed both my iOS and Android apps on the relative stores.

Ive just ran ‘expo’ in cmd and ‘expo build:android’ says:

Build a standalone APK for your project, signed and ready for submission to the Google Play Store

Which is what I expect to happen

You can use separate release channel for production/staging/testing, so building an app wont change what you have released already.
What you see is called over the air update: expo build always also perform expo publish, so previously builded apps are updated with new code.

Ah OK thank my understand has just increased 10 fold!

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