APK signing without expo

I have an app on google play made with Expo, I really don’t know much about APK key signing XD Expo generated the key automatically and when I uploaded it on google play I used app signing by Google Play : Use Play App Signing - Play Console Help Now I’m using React Native without expo for the app, according to this documentation : Publishing to Google Play Store · React Native to build a release version I need to generate the key signing, is it ok to do this and upload it to google play and everything will be the same? it is the same as building it with Expo right? or is there a way to use the same signing from Expo?

Hey @nameer94,

You’ll want to run expo fetch:android:upload-cert which will extract the upload certificate into a .pem file that you can enter into the play console for your vanilla react-native app submission.

On another note, would you mind sharing what made you leave Expo’s workflow for vanilla RN? It’s always helpful to hear what we fell short on and what we can improve.


Thank you,
I used expo fetch:android:keystore and used the file and same info in RN app.
I created this app with Expo:

everything was fine but so many users had a problem when the app stuck at the splash screen.
also last time I build the app, on MEmu emulator the secure store was not working.
also getting error in Logcat on facebook api even though I don’t use it!
I think there need to be some work on app startup.

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