Unable to sign out of expo client app

I’m trying to switch accounts on the Expo client app but navigating to Profile > Options > Sign Out makes the Profile Screen blank, and there’s no way to sign in to a different account.


Hey @donovanhiland,

What platform is this occurring for you on? I just tried with my iPhone and it worked as expected.


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me too. I’m using expo client for ios version 2.11.1(latest). I tried uninstall(delete all of app data) and re-install app. But app still shows “sign out” button and profile screen is blank…:cry:


I have the same issue!!


I am also facing same issue on iPhone


Having this issue on iPhone. Also can no longer open my apps from expo links.

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me too, blank profile screen, reinstalled app for several times and i cant see login screen, just a blank profile screen.

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I’m having same issue, reinstalled, hard restarted, cleaned cache but its still same. Blank profile screen.


Looks like this is the same as this issue from a couple months back- The "Profile" tab in the Expo client is blank · Issue #4734 · expo/expo · GitHub. Thanks for reporting, we’re going to look into this

I’ve reproduced on an iPhone, is anyone seeing this on Android?

Edit: I’ve reproduced this on Android, as well, now


occurs on iPad Mini 4 ;(

Hey everyone, we’ve just pushed out a fix for this so you should be able to open the Expo client app and log back in, no need to reset your device or anything! Thanks, as always, for reporting here :smile:


BIG THANKS! Appreciated

Same issue, iPhone 8s plus

Can’t sign out, I tried uninstalling normally app and uninstalling from settings erasing all data and content and nothing works

Hello guys. I’m still having the issue on my iphone 8 with the newest OS. Tried to delete an app, turn off data backup on icloud and so on, nothing helped. And there is no update on the app store so i’m just stuck.

hey guys, It looks like that at this time update isn’t yet on the app store. The only way I found to use client again is to build custom one with expo client:ios