Not able to log into the iOS app on iPhone

Hi there,
I am struggling for the last few days and need your help ASAP. I am not able to login to the iPhone app to test my apps. I am able to login to my Expo account in the MacBook.
I am not the writer of the app. I am a team member who has been added to test the app. I do have admin rights. Can you please look into this and help me out ASAP. Thank you!

Hey @raajthedude, for clarification are you saying you can not log into the account whatsoever on Expo Go or that you’re able to log in but unable to access the project you should have permission to access?


I am not able to login at all and keep getting he error message that email password do not match. Incidentally even if I try to sign in with the email password of the main admin even then I get the same
Message. I have tried by deleting the app from phone and installing again and trying but still same issues.
It has become a huge concern for me as I am not able to test the app.

Do you have any issues when authenticating via the website or the cli via expo login?

No. I don’t face issue when logging via the website. I didn’t understand what do you mean by cli via expo login

run expo login from your terminal to sign in with expo-cli.

are you using the latest version of expo go on your phone? if so, it should open a web browser to sign in

If I do that then how do I access the apps in the phone app version as I need to test the phone app projects loaded in expo

sorry i am confused. are you using the latest version of expo go on your phone or not?

Yes I am. As available in iOS play store. To be doubly sure I can remove and download again if you want to share the correct download link

downloading from the apple app store is the right place, yes. please describe in full detail or record a video of what is happening

Cool let me record a video of what is happening and share it with you.