Expo Go crashes on login on iOS

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I am honestly not sure where I’m supposed to raise this at all. I did attempt to raise this on GitHub, but due to the fact that there is absolutely no applicable reproducible example since this seems to be a bug in Expo Go itself it was automatically closed. Leaving me utterly bamboozled as to where I am supposed to report a problem with the expo go app.

The above link does explain everything. However, for the purposes of adding context here I will explain.

I set up and created my expo account through the expo go app. I then logged out of the app and attempted to log back in. I am now unable to sign in. I can see that the browser logs me in and then the expo go app closes entirely. I have verified that I am able to sign in on the expo website and via the EAS CLI utilities. This has resulted in a completely broken Expo go app for me since there is now no longer anyway for me to login as any attempt to login or create new account crashes Expo go.

I am really not sure what to do or where to report this. Any advice on solving this or how to report this would be very welcome. Thanks.

We are experiencing the same issues on Expo Go on iOS - after logging in via webview through the expo.dev, Expo Go crashes immediately. This problem was observed only on the iOS version of the client, on Android everything works well.
Could you please investigate this issue, because it could potentially make it difficult to test our applications.


I am sorry to hear that you are also experiencing this issue although I must say it is reassuring to hear I’m not the only person running into this issue. It makes it much more likely that this will get noticed and fixed. Hopefully this post gets noticed by the devs since my GitHub issue was closed.

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Update regarding the issue: it appears to be related to the latest Expo Go update, as I can still successfully log in using the old version of the Android client (it hasn’t been updated yet), however my colleagues are experiencing similar issues in latest Expo Go on both platforms, iOS and Android.


That is interesting information. It’s a shame I don’t think we can manually downgrade versions on iOS because if we could I would just do that. Hopefully this issue gets noticed and resolved quickly.


Still having the issue. Can we get this resolved?

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hi folks,

we have been investigating this but are unable to reproduce it.

the following link is a zip file, that extracts to ExpoGo.app. Drag the extracted ExpoGo.app into your simulator, then open it up. You will see a warning on the bottom of the screen when you open it (“Constants.manifest has been deprecated…”), that’s how you can know it’s the right build. Try signing in and let us know what you see.

Hey thanks for the reply @brents I will give this a go in a bit and get back to you.

Hi @brents So in the simulator I can log out and in no problem but not on my physical device. This really is rather strange.

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can you share the logs from your device that are related to the crash? see this video that demonstrates how to access them: logs

I believe I entered into this state by Offloading the app in the iPhone settings. Even reinstalling it doesn’t help. I don’t have Xcode installed at the moment but I will post logs as soon as I can.

Edit: Logs

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I’m experiencing exactly the same issue.
I cannot log in anymore on Expo Go on iOS, so I cannot test any app anymore.

Here my logs: crash logs

I’ll add my logs later today since I don’t currently have my computer to hand. Though glad to see others reporting and sharing logs. Hopefully this issue gets resolved.

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Crash log from my device can be found here. I hope this helps @brents sorry for the delay in getting this to you.

thanks for sharing! we were able to find this issue from those logs: [go] fix ios expo go crash from exceptions by Kudo · Pull Request #24305 · expo/expo · GitHub

it’s unclear if this will actually fix the underlying problem (since we have been unable to reproduce it), but we’ll put together a new expo go release soon


Soo I just downloaded the update and I have good news and bad news. First off all. The good news. It no longer crashes. The bad news is I am getting the following error message when logging into Expo Go

Something went wrong when authenticating: Logged in user must have a primary account

Anybody have any ideas? Anyone else getting the same message?

hey there, which account are you signing in to?

My personal account. I actually deleted it and remade it again a minute ago but the issue persists. I go by the same username on Expo though.

Hi, exactly the same issue out there

Still cannot log in.

And if now I try to press log in button when the error is already there, browser crashes now

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what is your account name?