Unable to creat test build on iOS

When I go to build:ios, expo is requiring a paid developer account and I don’t know why there is no option to proceed without a paid developer account.

Authenticated with Apple Developer Portal successfully!
Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed!
You have no team associated with your Apple account, cannot proceed.
(Do you have a paid Apple Developer account?)

Unfortunately, as it says in the docs, an Apple Developer Account is required to build iOS Standalone apps.

But you can still see your app in action on an iOS device, through publishing and viewing it in the Expo Client!

Hi I bought the membership

Then I read this - Saying you can build on device for 7 days without membership

I have since ejected from expo


that’s not what building a standalone app is intended for in expo, it’s intended for shipping to the store, which you cannot do without a paid developer license. if you only need to use the app on your phone then you can just use the expo client to open it, no need to go through some build process

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You can still hot reload in the simulator - then take your device app off the network