Can I get with .ipa file with expo build:ios for testing purpose only?

Hello, I want to test my application on real device. Can I get .ipa file to install my application on real device with expo build:ios for testing purpose or I must pay for apple developer account? I have created apple developer account but haven’t paid nothing for now.

I got this message " Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed!
You have no team associated with your Apple account, cannot proceed.
(Do you have a paid Apple Developer account?) "

Thanks on your time.

hello, I have the same question. Is there any way to test the ios app without having to pay for an Apple developer account?

run expo build:ios -t simulator to get a simulator build.

if you want to get a build that runs on your physical device, you can use a development certificate by running expo eject the project and building it in xcode for your device. iirc you will need to reinstall it on the device every 7 days with development certs

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