Building IPA without Apple Team ID

I’m now to expo and started using this a few days ago with XDE.
It looks great and very easy to build react-native apps for both android and ios.
I’ve built a sample app which i want to run native on my iphone…
By running exp build:ios, i’m being asked to provide an Apple Team ID.
I’m not part of any team and i have a free developer account in apple.

Is it possible somehow to create the ios build and deploy that to my personal iphone?


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It might be more involved than you would want.

If I am not mistaken, one plan of attack could be

  1. detach to expokit
  2. build the IPA in Xcode
  3. Then you can install it locally, I don’t think you need a paid apple account to deploy an unsigned IPA to your local phone.

But can I ask why you want to do this? You in a way still have the app when you scan the QR code, have it available to show others while in development.


Hi Edgar, I was just about to ask this myself, but I decided to search before. And it’s just what I need.
I answer the question you asked:

Currently the developments I do are uploaded to Expo, I love that functionality but not all customers want that option, the vast majority want to appear in stores.

And when you enter the world of application development, I think it’s good to learn when you have a little time those things with which you will face for sure later.

So it’s good to do the test of an ipa on the phone to learn how to generate it.

In Android it is quite easy to generate an apk, but Apple has all its directives that learning them beforehand is good.

Thanks for your response to our partner @dheinisch, it’s just what I needed.

I also have the same problem
I have free apple account (unpaid account)
I made an app using expo but problem is in single alone app
also i am using push notification so
is possible to build this ios single alone app without paid account???
I dont need to upload on app store i want have in my own or send the ipa for them want use it.

Hey there, sorry to say that it’s currently not possible for us to build your app as a standalone app without a paid apple developer account. If you want to do this you’ll need to follow Edgar’s instructions above - detach to ExpoKit and build the .ipa yourself in Xcode.


thank you,
if i detach to expokit and build the .ipa file for ios
there my notification will work or not???
Most Regards

Please help me also
I am developing and expo app with notification so please direct me is it possible
if i detach to expokit and build the .ipa file then my notification will work on public internet or will not work?

Even after detaching to expokit, The project still requires the expo sever to function. Will exporting via Xcode work properly?
BTW, why does it still need to be served via the expo sever after ejecting?