IOS Single Alone app without paid account

Hello friends,
First i am thank full from expo team and their best EXPO
second i have a question?

  1. I made a ios app using expo
  2. I used push notification and something else of expo feature
  3. I need to publish my app without any app store or else store
  4. I just want to send .ipa file for a small team by email or even by flash
  5. I have a mac with xcode 8 and a free apple account (unpaid account)
  6. So please tell me and help that IS POSSIBLE OR NO? to build this app???
  7. without apple membership???

Hey @muhammad thanks for using Expo!

I might have misunderstood your question, but you can build an Expo application without an Apple Developer Program membership. But in order to launch your Expo Application to the Apple App Store, you need to have one.

I hope this clears up any confusion you may have? Please let me know if that didn’t answer your question. Happy building :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much and please let me more.
I just want build my ios stand alone app using expo.
when i want to build with exp it ask me about apple team id that I dont have it.
so please tell me how to build ipa file for ios without apple membership?

and if I dont have apple membership the expo notification will work or no???

and i am really sory for my Enlish speaking.

Most regards.

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Hi @muhammad, unfortunately here is the official stance:

An Apple Developer account is needed to build an iOS standalone app, but a Google Play Developer account is not needed to build the Android standalone app. If you’d like to submit to either app store, you will need a developer account on that store.

You can learn more here:


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