Ugly app icon with eas build

After i ran eas build --platform android --profile demo, my app icon looks ugly (I’m using the internal testing of the play console). I can only see the pixelized center of the image. My picture is a png file of dimensions 256x256 with no alpha channel. In my app.json, I have tried different cases : placing the path of the image in expo.icon or I have also tried to change the dimensions of the png file to 1024x1024 or to choose a file with alpha channels. None of this worked.

Relevant part of the eas.json file is

"demo": {
        "workflow": "managed",
        "releaseChannel": "demo-v1.2.5"

The icon looks good with expo build

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known issue, so I wanted to link it here- [config] Android icon inconsistent with the equivalent setting in managed workflow · Issue #3035 · expo/expo-cli · GitHub


Any workaround or should i go back to expo build?

No workaround that I know of- what would be helpful is to provide a reproducible demo to that issue, including an example image file and your app.json content