Error on EAS:build

I am getting this error while building for android, get something similar when building for iphone. Anyone knows how to fix?

I updated my sdk from 41 to 43, and added eas.json using the eas-cli. Expo go still works, however i cannot build with eas.

it looks like your icon can’t be found. how are you specifying it in app.json? is it included in your git repo?

Thanks for getting back. I have read up on the article you mentioned. The project works in expo go and do build using expo-cli (expo build:android), but not eas-cli (eas build → choose android). Here are the important parts of the file structure and the app.json:

File structure and app.json looks ok to me.

As you mention the error states a missing icon file. Since the icon is there, I would think the error is related to eas. Do you have another idea of what it could be, or should i try to recreate the project from scratch?

It now works after creating a new project from scratch and copying all the files. This created a expo project with sdk 43 whereas the old project was an update. Not sure what the difference was, but i am glad that it now works :grinning:

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