Typescript and bundle size

I read the standalone deployment and I worry about something: bundle size. I am using Typescript so I dont want to have those extra files in the bundled application.

Where can I read about this details? I don’t know what the packager is doing and if I should worry about this or not.

Which extra files? In general, the code that a production user will download is minified JS – the typescript will already have been compiled to JS.

Expo takes a snapshot of your JS code and includes in the IPA/APK when you build one so that users can use the app right away without having to have a network connection or wait for stuff to load over the air. But this typically is only a small fraction of the size of the app in the app store.

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Got it so you pretty much do some bundling based on my Javascript files before.

I shouldn’t worry about it then.

Thank you very much.

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