Building standalone apps with all the bundled files

From what I gather from the docs, after building a standalone app, all the bundled files are still pulled from Expo servers. Is that right?

What if I want to detach my app from Expo completely and serve all the js, img etc from inside the ipa/apk fle instead? Please don’t tell me it’s not possible, I’m just a few days away from releasing my app to the stores :slight_smile:

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If you use ExpoKit, you can customize how your app is loaded, including bundling those files for offline use. Right now in standalone apps (i.e. IPA/APK not built with ExpoKit) we include your JavaScript in the app store bundle, but are still working on support for other static assets (images, videos, etc).

Is there anything I can do to package these assets with the app bundle? It’s a image heavy app and I don’t want them to load from the web when the app is opened.

Right now you can include them in your JS bundle as base64 strings. In the near future we hope to support offline asset bundling for standalone apps. Expect news in a near-term release!

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Is it possible to get an ETA for this feature?

Would also love an ETA; not being able to include static images in the on-device bundle is really a deal breaker for image heavy apps unless you want to nuke users’ data plans.

ETA is a couple weeks ago :wink:

Hi, glad to see they add such function to support offline. But when will this support detached project?

already supported, see:

I’m new to react native/expo and very essential question I can’t find answers for. Will appreciate any help
So if I understand correctly even when building standalone app you’ll need to load bundle from network? The only way to avoid it to eject to ExpoKit and configure it?

This documentation page tells that newer version would be downloaded every time when user opens App(Standalone) . Does it mean before I submit new version of bundle, app will be using cached bundle? And from what I understand that’s not a case for assets, because there are instructions how to cache them?

Thank you