Reduce APK size

Is anybody know how to reduce standalone APK size?

If we create app using React Native we can use ProGuard and configure it in gradle file, but if we use Expo how it can be?

My APK when i first make standalone without changes any code is about 24MB, whether it can be minimized again.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:



If you wanted to minimize this further, you could try ejecting to ExpoKit ( ) and then ripping out some of the native parts you don’t need. This is probably a little bit tricky and I don’t think would save you that many MB so I wouldn’t advise it unless this is really important to you. We will make this easier to do in the future but we aren’t currently working on it.


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Thanks @ccheever, maybe I would consider your advise

Hi. I currently have the exact same issue; I don’t understand why a very simple app should be 24MB in size. In my react native code, I have this:

import {Notifications, Permissions} from expo

Surely, this should not make my code so large in size? Am I doing something wrong? - Perhaps I have run ‘npm install’ on several packages that are no longer in use?

A base Expo app still includes React Native and several libraries that people may use. If you don’t use an API at launch but then update and publish your JS that uses another API – which can often be smaller than native app updates – your app won’t crash because it has that native code already.

From Why not Expo?:

If you need to keep your app size extremely lean, Expo may not be the best choice. The size for an Expo app on iOS is approximately 25mb, and Android is about 20mb. This is because Expo includes a bunch of APIs regardless of whether or not you are using them — this lets you push over the air updates to use new APIs, but comes at the cost of binary size. We will make this customizable in the future, so you can trim down the size of your binaries.

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Personally, the size is something that make me not choose Expo.

I used Expo and I like how it is easy to develop native apps with it. I would love that Expo team work on removing unused libraries on build time :heart:


waiting for this feature to reduce the standalone app size

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