How do native libraries affect application size when not used

If I have an app that only uses a small number of native libraries do they still get included in the application? If so what is the minimum size standalone application for iOS and Android?

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If you use our standalone shell app builder, the binary size will be very close to constant. We basically build you a white label version of the Expo Client with your app’s name and branding and pointed only at your production URL for your project.

We also include a snapshot of your code at build time so that the app will work right away after download even if the Internet isn’t working that well, but we always include all the Expo SDK functionality so that if your JS changes to use new functionality, its there and that’s not something you have to worry about. In general, we find that the binaries are not too big (~15MB) so its not worth trying to strip out stuff.

If you do really care about minimizing your binary size as much as possible, you can eject/detach and use ExpoKit and then take out the code you don’t want.

Thanks @ccheever That simplifies things for me. I thought it might of been a little bigger but 15MB is a great size.