[TestFlight] Staging and Production build


I already have my app in TestFlight with some users. And they are all using our staging API.
However, we’re gonna release the app with the production API and i’d like to test it on a real device (Notifications/real condition/ect).

I can’t install the .ipa directly on my phone (if there is a way, explain me :pray:) , so i guess i have to use TestFlight. But i’d like to have another project with a production app.

I was about to create a new App on Itunes Connect, but it has to match my app.json bundleIdentifier.
That is quite confusing.

What is the best approach using Expo according to you ?

Thanks for your time.

I’m about to start doing the same thing, so am curious to see what you decide.

What I plan to do is make two more apps in itunes connect/testflight - a preproduction and production, each with their own bundle identifier, which will connect to the production api, in addition to the current app, which connects to the staging api.

I plan to swap out the bundle identifier in CI using this:

cat app.json | jq '.expo.ios.bundleIdentifier="<<MY BUNDLE ID>>.preproduction"' > app2.json
mv app2.json app.json

And I’m going to use expo release channels to publish different versions of the js to expo.

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