Building for development vs production

I’m getting closer to publishing an app and am looking into creating a dev and pros environment.

Right now when I build:iOS or build:android is updates the code on all active devices (super cool). The problem I see happening is that I no longer can test the app in TestFlight or Android beta as if I build the standalone app it will update for all production devices.

Is there a way to build without it pushing the change to everyone? That way I can build ans uplaod the IPA to TestFlight

Okay so you want to test actual app build.

In play store you can publish your apk as a INTERNAL or ALPHA release. That way both OPEN BETA and PRODUCTION users won’t get their app updated.
Please check out Release Management -> App releases for that.

In TestFlight you have similar possibilities. You just need to create a TEST group and add only yourself to it.

Tons of options, you just need a little setup.

PS: Also remember that you can use Expo Release Channels if you want to control which updates ExpoClient testers will see.

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