What's the best strategy to make the rest of my team to test my app ?


I’d like to make my app more accessible to my team in a staging environment.
My app is build such as :

The staging environment is using a dedicated release channel, and another for the production build.

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@louis-energic - I’d love to hear what others have in mind too, but our team builds custom Expo clients (for iOS), in order to leverage the QR scanner to load in different versions. I’d love to get an integration of some sort that can update our GitHub PR’s with a QR code for that particular “preview”.

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I bit the bullet a while back and made separate standalone apps (with their own bundle identifier) for testing, because it was really useful to be able to install a test version alongside the production version. You could use a library like jsonfile to make a quick node script that runs before your build to switch the bundle ID’s in app.json. If your app is Managed, you may consider changing the entire slug for the test version- in particular, with push notifications, things can get funny if you have the same slug in use for multiple bundle ID’s, or at least they did last time I tried it.