Release channels and iOS detached app

Hi there,

I’m super new to Expo but what I’m trying to do seems like a quite basic thing as far as I understand so most likely there is just a stupid mistake somewhere.

So I do have a detached iOS app. What I’m trying to do is to create a copy of the “production” app and point it to “staging” release channel.

  1. Changed the bundle identifier of the app, so it will be a new on in TestFlight.
  2. Setting a “staging” releaseChannel name in EXShell.plist
  3. Publishing the code with exp publish --release-channel staging

After opening the new app I still see the production version of the code. Tried building and publishing multiple times and still the same result.

The important thing is that the link which is being generated after publishing ( actually contains the desired code from staging. So it seems that the actual app still somehow points to default release channel?

Would appreciate any help and feedback from you guys!

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