Working with other developers


I have been developing an app on my own using Expo.
Now, I want a friend to be able to jump in in case I am not available but I couldn’t find any guideline on how to do this.

Am I correct in handling it the following way, or is there a different (simpler) approach?

  1. I put the content of my app (the whole folder) onto GitHub or some other online platform for my friend to fork / download

  2. my friend installs node.js, expo cli, expo app on mobile etc…

  3. my friend logs in on his laptop using the CLI login: exp login --username u --password p
    –> he will be able to make changes and check the result

  4. once done, my colleague commits back to GitHub or uploads to some platform so that I can get the modified code.

Does that sound correct?

Thanks for tips or confirmation :slight_smile:

Hey @admino,

That will work for the development phase, but when it comes to publishing you’ll need to publish using only one account. (At least for now, we’re actively working on changing this to accommodate teams and organizations). The reason for this is that the production URL uses the account username.



Hi @adamjnav,

yes, I’ve read about the publishing process using only one account. This is ok.
I wasn’t really sure though about working in team and how to share the code beforehand.
Thanks a lot for your reply!


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