How a team of developers can collaborate on a published Expo app?

My team and I developed an app. Each of us have Expo account. I published it under my profile.

However, I can’t seem to find how I can add my colleagues, so they can publish updates to the app too. Therefore, I’m the only one who can publish updates.

Moreover, I can’t seem to find any guidelines how I can register, move or publish the app under a group or organization (our company let’s say).

So I was wondering, are there any guidelines for how teams can collaborate on an app? Is that something you’re working on?


hi @superkalo, thanks for writing in. We currently dont support this – publishing is limited to an individual account right now.

Most people will usually make a group account and publish under that (ie) @your-company/your-app-name.

We currently track the feature requests here (, and we welcome new requests!


Ah, all right! Thank you for your input! Yes, I just added a feature reuqest.

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