Splash Image & OTA Updates


Just getting my head around the splash API. Is it possible to update the Splash image on a standalone app via OTA updates? Or does this require a new version to be distributed via the app stores?

Also, with the new OTA updates changes (SDK 26), how does Expo know there’s an updated package to download? Previously it just always updated but now the only way I could get it to update was to change the version number in app.json, otherwise it kept using the cached package, even though I had published other changes.



Anything that alters your app.json file will require a new app store update.

To your second question, using the OTA Manual Update Docs you should be able to hone in on any update that comes through.

I have spent a little bit of time attempting to create a “Reload App” button within the an app using the documentation without much success, but I’m sure a bit of finagling could get a working prototype up without much effort.

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Thanks issachardy,

The OTA updates seem to be working fine now so maybe it was just a temporary problem or something I was doing wrong.

Regarding the splash image, I’m not changing my app.json as such, just updating the image so a new version without changing the name. I couldn’t get this to take via OTA updates though so i’m assuming this still needs to go through the app store.

No biggie but was just annoying while I was trying to get it right. Would be nice if it could be updated easily as well.

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