Splash screen not getting updated on standalone app

We updated the splash screen in app.json on our production app that’s currently released on app store. After app gets updated, old splash screen image still appears for couple seconds, then new splash screen image appears.

SDK Version: 24.0.0

Hey @setter,

Did you guys resubmit your build to the App Store? Making changes to your splash key requires rebuilding and submitting.




Hey @adamjnav,

Yes, we rebuilt and resubmitted to App Store, and users downloaded the updated version. But still the problem exists.


@aalices / @esamelson

Hello @setter please take a look at this thread: Splash screen issue with Expo SDK 22 - #9 by aglio - let us know if it is the same case and whether the ‘solution’ worked for you. If so, that’s something that Expo cannot do much about :frowning: