Snack losing code

I’ve seen a few similar posts outside the forum with no solutions.
Have had a few instances where Snacks are saved, then, when re-opened the saved info is no longer there.
Today’s code was saved this afternoon, when I opened this evening it says last saved 4 days ago…
At the moment I am still learning, but, I was hoping to continue using Snack for production items, but, if the saving feature isn’t reliable then it means Snack is only for smallish testing?
Please advise if this is being looked into based on the other concerns raised, or, is there possibly a local setting to prevent this happening?
Many thanks for a great environment otherwise.

I’ve encountered some strange behaviour that might tie up with what you’re seeing.

I have a snack called Better Barcode Generator. I know when I originally saved it the URL ended with /better-barcode-generator. But if I look at the snacks on my snack list, the one with that name points to a URL ending with some short code instead.

If I click on that one it loads an old version (it says it was last saved 17 days ago). If instead I manually type in the original url (ending in /better-barcode-generator) then I get the correct, up to date version. (From 4 days ago in this case.)

Thanks for the feedback!
I do recall similar behavior some time back and thought I had inadvertently saved multiple versions somehow, but, this seems to be a “thing” in Expo, your comments prompted me to scroll further down the list of snacks and yep, there was another copy, the only difference being that the two snacks in question have the exact same url…
Thanks again!

It’s more a Snack thing than an Expo thing :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Snack needs a bit of love, but there are a bunch of other things that also need work and some of those need a bunch of other work under the covers. e.g.:

In Progress feature requests

So I think the other stuff above has been taking priority.

It’s a great environment, so, good to see there is still effort moving it forward…
In the interim I’ll keep exporting after saving just in case :sweat_smile:

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