Code is missing in snack

Most of the code in my snack is missing when I open it from View my Snacks. Also, sometimes I see See previous saves. There I could see different saves made on a single file. Most of my students are also facing the same issue. Can I know why this happnens and how to resolve this issue.

Anyone Please help

I have seen similar behaviour. Sometimes you’ll see there is another entry in the list of snacks that has the later content. I think the following is related:

If I look at my list of snacks I see an entry for “Better Barcode Generator”, If I hover over it I see the URL is Better Barcode Generator - Snack
But I’m not convinced that’s the latest code. Or at least in the past when I’ve loaded a snack with a similar URL it has not had the latest code.

If instead I load Better Barcode Generator - Snack then all is good.

I think the problem is just that snack is trying to be clever about autosaving stuff when perhaps it would be simpler and more predictable if the saving was more manual. But I suppose then people will forget to save and lose work that way. :man_shrugging:

Thanks Wodin for the response. But, when I tried to view it with the name of the project, it says


We couldn’t find the Snack you’re looking for. Go to the homepage.

I don’t understand whats happening…I still cant find a way to see my missing code…If you know something, do let me know

Sorry, not sure what else to suggest.
Maybe @charliecruzan has an idea?

Hm the fact that you can’t view a snack via is a little odd. I wasn’t able to reproduce that, myself

@shwethakotarki are you logged into snack with your Expo account? what browser are you using?

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