Does Expo care about Snack? Long standing bug...

I have posted 3 times for help (once was on a different expo account) and have never yet received a reply. I haven’t seen many expo team replies in this forum at all. I also understand that this brings in no revenue and so it must be hard to justify putting developers on it.

The Snack system some time in the summer or fall of 2019 started saving every snack twice. Once with a garbled number and letter URL from when the snack was first named ( ), and then a second with the correct URL when it was saved again ( ). The problem is that my students often open the wrong one and think they have lost their code.

I take the time to remove all of the bogus snacks from my profile, but then there is an almost blank page at the beginning with only bogus snacks there that I haven’t deleted yet.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @uni,
We very much care about snack, but as you noted it doesn’t bring in revenue and costs a fair amount to operate. Because of that we’ve had to focus on keeping those costs under control recently and we haven’t had a chance to address issues like the one you raise. :frowning:

I believe we’ll have a chance to get to improvements that actually make snack more pleasant for you to use in the coming months. Thank you for continuing to share it with your students and helping them through the rough edges in the mean time!


Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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