Lost all changes when refreshing the page even though they are saved

Hi there,

I was working on a snack yesterday and have surely saved it.

This morning I refreshed the page because I temporarily lost internet connection. It all got changed to the previous version. I am so sad and frustrated because it was some bug that I’ve been struggling for days.

I also checked the saved version but it just wiped out all those records. Is there any way for you guys to retrieve it from the backend, please? AppSlider - Snack is the link.


Hi Jojo!
I know how frustrating it is to lose your work :frowning:
Every time you click a save button, a copy of your snack will be available under See Previous Saves here:

If it doesn’t show up there (and isn’t the most recent autosave) then unfortunately we don’t have any record of it either. Even if it is lost, I find that doing something I’ve already done goes a lot faster than figuring it out for the first time. Good luck!


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Hi TC,

I guess then I’ll just have to work on it again :frowning:
Thanks though.


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