Send sms without user interaction

Hi - Is there any way to send sms(es) directly to the list of numbers without any user interaction?

I have tried the expo-sms module but that just opens up the default sms app of the device.

Highly appreciate the help!

were you able to achieve this?

Hi- I tried to achieve it with AT command but still no luck yet, tough I still want to do it. Here is the Stack Overflow link: serial port - +CMS ERROR: 305 while sending sms via AT command using Huawei E8372h-153 dongle - Stack Overflow

Hello I’m also interested, any news on this ?

Any post on this on the expo roadmap ?


If I were you I’d google for things like “programmatically send SMS Android” and similar for iOS. Then once I see whether it’s possible and how it can be done in native code I’d try looking for a React Native package that does it. If there is one, I’d try using that with EAS Build.