Help with the new Expo Read SMS feature.

Just curious if i have missed a dev blog and if expo has added some sort of new feature during expo android apk builds in regards to sms reading?

I have just rebuilt my current app with minimal changes to the app. Nothing sms related. and upon uploading to google play i get this warning.


Just wondering if this is something expo is now adding by default and if there is a way to opt out of this?


Hey @pluss_master,

When you say you just rebuilt your app, what SDK did you rebuild it with?



Hi @pluss_master, we’ve added a new module that allows you to send SMS messages - see a blog post with SDK29 release notes:
Unfortunately, no, there is no way to opt out of this permission (without ejecting) as it is required for this module to work.
Anyway, if you’re not using this module and not asking for its permissions, then your users will not be asked for that, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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