SDK 43 is a disappointment

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I’m developing a cab booking app ( rider app / driver app ).

It’s been developed since expo SDK 38 , managed workflow .

The main things I use for the app are :

1- background location.
2- push notifications .

-The background location has always crashed my app until SDK 42 . But again on SDK 43 which doesn’t make sense.

  • push notifications response not firing when app is killed since SDK 38 , sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t , couldn’t figure it out.

The thing is that I’ve waited for SDK 43 to fix a bug related to Image picker that restarted the application upon selecting an image.

As soon as I upgraded to SDK 43 I noticed crashing again on background location , giving me no choice but downgrade to SDK 42 .

I thought that expo build is being deprecated so all the focus is on EAS build. So I gave it a try :

I noticed many differences on my builds , to name few :

  • Lot of display bugs , black squares covering the navigator .

  • App launch Is a little weird .

  • closing and launching the app immediately ignores splash screen.

Without digging much more I went back to expo build : SDK 42 .

So I couldn’t benefit from reducing my app size as well as fixing my previously mentioned issues .

Why does EAS build behave differently ?
And why don’t you expend Beta Period to make sure things go right .

hi there! can you please point me to github issues about the problems that you have encountered?

blog posts about why eas build behaves differently:

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