EAS build crashes on Android after upgrade to expo sdk 45

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 45
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
  3. EAS build, expo-dev-client, react-native-firebase

I just upgraded from expo sdk 44 to 45, and @react-native-firebase/app in the process, which forced me to now use expo-dev-client instead of Expo Go.
It works fine on iOS.
For Android, it works fine on an emulator. On a expo-dev-client build on a physical Android device, it works if local dev tools are enabled for the remote debugging. But if debugging is turned off, then it is just stuck on the Splash Screen. If I do a staging build with an apk, then the app crashes every time it is opened.
I initially used Firebase JS SDK to connect to firebase but now am also using snippets from the guide from React Native Firebase in the plugins section in app config. Not sure if blending the two together is causing an issue or not
Any ideas?

Hi @tim-knapp,

I’d suggest debugging the app crash. For Android, you can use adb logcat as mentioned in the debugging guide here and share the log here so that we can help further.

Are you implying that your app is using both Firebase JS SDK and React Native Firebase? If yes, I’d suggest using one of them.

I created a new branch and started over on upgrading from expo 44 to 45. I kept it simple and didn’t add React Native Firebase this time. The first time I didn’t realize it was conflicting with Firebase JS SDK. So I’ll have to navigate that migration at a later date so I can use firebase analytics and crashlytics. Thanks for your help @amanhimself. This issue can be closed or deleted.

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Glad you figured it out and thank you for the update!

I think this post can serve as a direction for other devs who might face a similar issue in the future :slight_smile:

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