Santa's Secret Keeper - app for planning secret santas

Here’s an app I made using Expo. This is actually my first app ever - I just finished react native udemy class.

Santa’s Secret Keeper matches secret santas for you so everyone can participate (spoiler free). After 8 days, it has 1.5k app users (the secret santa organizers) and with about 7.5k people getting a secret santa email.

Super happy with Expo:

  • The best (and most undersold) feature to me is being able to publish client changes without an app update (waiting on apple to review for 2-3 days). I also did not fully grasp this when reading the expo documentation and kept submitting app updates to apple when I didn’t need to.

  • Feature I need most is a way to prompt for for app ratings - if anyone knows how to do let me know! (do I need to ‘detach’?)

Let me know if you have any feedback! (Android is less pretty :frowning:, haven’t spent time to fix because almost all downloads are from iOS)


I think you can do it with the built in Linking API: ios - How to make a "Rate this app" link in React Native app? - Stack Overflow

Also this app is pretty great!! Great idea and congratulations on all the users especially on your first app!! :open_mouth::fire: It would be really cool if after the holiday season you open source it (or at least part of it :sweat_smile:) :blue_heart:

Again congrats, I’m gonna use this with my family!

@theinternet did you made the inapp worked?
how please explain steps please.