My first app: NewPastoral


I’ve recently developed my first react-native app, it’s project for Catolic Church, allowing belivers to meet within their homes and debate about interesting, faith-related topics. I was amazed, how simply was it to make application with Expo (as some of you noticed I had some minor problems, but they either was my lack of knowledge or were bugs quickly fixed by GREAT Expo team :slight_smile: ). If you would like to see and rate it, here are the links:

Expo link:



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Awesome! Thank you for sharing this.

Can you also share the expo link for the project here?

ok, i’ve added Expo link :slight_smile:

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This is such a beautiful app. Very well designed.

My only suggestion would be to decrease the bouncing of the spring animation you have when clicking on “Dolacz do NewPastoral”.

In terms of user testing, it’d be interesting to see if it’s easier for people to find the menu by using the three dots icon as you have right now, or explicitly saying “Menu”.

Great job.