Refreshcontrol not working in expo client

Steps to reproduce -

  1. Open expo client
  2. Try refreshing the home screen
  3. The refreshcontrol is getting stuck and not refreshing.

Tested on android 7.1

Hi. The same thing happened to me with Android 7.1. When that happens, I stop “expo start” and start it again but using the modifier c (to clean cache): $ expo start -c

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Hey @raajnadar,

Did Leandro’s suggestion work for you?



Yes that works…

Even if I leave the expo client untouched for 10 sec the active project is loaded but the refresh control icon remains stuck. The refresh control was working properly in last expo client updated.

Interesting. I’ll mention this internally and see if we can get to the bottom of this.


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Hey @raajnadar - I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what exactly the issue is :disappointed: Could you maybe upload a video or GIF that shows what’s happening for you? I’ve tried a couple of different things and have not been able to reproduce any issue myself. Thanks!!

Check this gif.

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