Expo Android App Will Not Render Changes

So I just started with Expo and am having an inconvenient problem. When I make a change to my code (something as simple as changing the text in the boiler plate) it does not get pushed to my phone. I am 100% sure it is an issue with the app because it works fine on the iPhone Expo app fine.

I can get around it by closing the app, going to app settings and force closeing the Expo app. When I open the app back up, I can re-scan the qr code, redownload the project and it then shows the changes.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955FD) running android 7.0 and the latest update for Expo on both my computer and phone.


Just to be certain, can you make sure you have development mode enabled and that the Expo App has live reload enabled as well. https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/up-and-running.html#cant-see-your-changes

Thanks for the quick response. Both development mode on the Expo program (on my computer) and live reload (on the phone) are enabled. I tried disabling and enabling again, and no change. However if I hit reload in the dev menu on the app it does reload the changes. That is way better than exiting and force closing at least.

You can hit the r key twice as a shortcut to reload.

The link is taking to an error page, im experiencing same issues