React native web version for Expo

Hi, there.

I wanna use react-native-web version 0.17.1 instead of 0.13 supported by Expo.
Modal is not working for 0.13 but it works well with 0.17.

I have checked the behaviour of my app, then There is no problem.

Does the attempt break the stability of expo-web???

Hey @watarumapkid, any time you change versions from those that are coupled with a given SDK you run the risk of breakages/errors. It becomes one of those YMMV scenarios where you are more than welcome to try and use a newer version but you’ll need to be the one to handle said breakages/errors/unexpected behaviors. We won’t be able to provide support.


We have a responsibility for that.
We already created an alternative way for the expo version, so can move to it even when the app breaks.

When do you plan to update expo web?
If expo use react native web 0.14, we can use react native web modal.
This makes my app more tight with less customized components.

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We don’t still have an any issue with web 0.14…
Why is it so slow to update?

Yeah! 0.17 is coming in next update!

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