Any plans to upgrade to React Native 0.65.1? What's the strategy?

SDK Version: Latest
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all

TL;DR When do you upgrade React Native normally? And who does it?

Currently when I do expo init, it creates a react-native 0.63.4 project but some of the cool and latest packages depend on React Native 0.65.x. I am wondering what strategy decides when to upgrade to a new version of React Native?

Hi @umrashrf89

Upgrading the version of React Native apparently involves quite a bit of work to make sure everything is compatible. I’ll see if I can find a post from one of the Expo team members that I’ve seen mention this in the past. They are currently busy getting ready to release Expo SDK 43, and as far as I can see this will be using react-native version 0.64.2.

React Native 0.65.0 was only released a month ago, in the middle of the Expo SDK 43 release cycle. So the earliest Expo SDK that might include 0.65.x is SDK 44 which should be released at the end of the year. But they don’t always upgrade React Native with every Expo SDK release.

Btw, what packages require React Native 0.65?

If you need 0.65 I think you’ll need to eject. Fortunately, EAS Build and custom dev clients make this much less painful than it used to be, and you could uneject again later when RN 0.65 is included in a future Expo SDK.

EDIT: This is what I was looking for, linked from the SDK 42 release announcement:

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