Can I use Expo 44.0.0 with react-native: 0.66?

When I use Expo 44.0.0 with react-native: 0.66, I am getting warning that Expo 44.0.0 should be used with React-Native: 0.64. But for obvious reasons I got to use react-native: 0.66.

Hence, Would there be any issues if I use Expo 44.0.0 with react-native: 0.66?

Hi @syamk

The reasons are not obvious to me. Could you elaborate?

You can try it, but I suspect it’s not something that the Expo team is likely to support.

Is there any reason you don’t upgrade to Expo SDK 45 or 46?

@wodin Thank you so much for your response.

As per below table Expo 45 is compatible with React-Native 0.68

Source: API Reference - Expo Documentation

But I do not not want to upgrade to React-Native 0.68.

Now, Can you please suggest me the suitable Expo version for React-Native 0.66?

Could you please enlighten me as to the reason you have to use React Native 0.66 and not 0.68?

The versions in the table are what the Expo team has tested and will support. You can try another version with EAS Build, but you might run into problems.

New architecture is introduced in React Native 0.68 and it is till experimental. Not sure if every third party library I use is compatible with new architecture. This is why I do not want to upgrade to React Native 0.68.

Let’s say, If I use Expo 44 and React Native 0.64.3, Will Expo support this?

Hi @symak, the new architecture is not yet supported in Expo SDK 45 or the upcoming Expo SDK 46 so you can upgrade your app and continue to use third party libraries as you usually do.

You can find more info about Expo SDK 45 and beta release for Expo SDK 46.

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