Push Notifications don't arrive at ios 12.3.5 after sending through cli


I’m working on a notifications feature for my company’s app. We have some customers still using the ios 12.3.5 version and they told us they’re not receiving incoming notifications. I got an iphone 6 for testing and this is also happening in this device. The same problem has not ocurred in most recent ios versions or any android versions. I’ve searched on the sdk 41 docs for some change on the sdk but there’s nothing talking about possible problems regarding ios previous versions.

Have you guys faced the same problem?

What is the response from Expo push API for this? You should check the push receipt and push ticket Sending Notifications with Expo's Push API - Expo Documentation

Hi @charliecruzan

We just noticed it was actually a problem with our firewall. It was blocking apns connection in our network. Thanks for your answer.